Outsourced DevOps services for your business

To remain competitive and ensure positive end-user experience your business must continuously deliver new product features and services, implementing customer feedback in short loops. This is impossible with unpredictable Git-based workflows, which means you need to use DevOps services to automate your software delivery and infrastructure management. IT Svit dedicated DevOps teams have 5+ years of expertise in DevOps service outsourcing and we can help your business with building automated workflows.

DevOps services for software development

Shorter time-to-market for your applications is a crucial component of a successful business strategy. Developing your products in the cloud allows building automated CI/CD pipelines for software delivery, greatly increasing the reliability of your software development schedules. IT Svit provides managed DevOps services that ensure efficient automation and management of your software development operations.

Optimization of cloud-based infrastructure

Your business can easily grow out of the infrastructure you use, so it has to be scaled up and optimized from time to time. The technologies become outdated and obsolete quite fast nowadays, and running a sub-par infrastructure is a direct route to failure, which is not acceptable in the competitive business landscape of the 21st century. IT Svit has in-depth knowledge of the best ways to structure the cloud-based systems, and we can help your company optimize the infrastructure you use to make it cost-efficient and highly-performant.

IT Svit helps run your IT infrastructure

It is hard to ensure optimal infrastructure performance if you don’t have extensive knowledge of the best ways to configure and run it. This is why most companies prefer to outsource IT infrastructure management in the cloud to skilled contractors or buy managed packages from cloud platforms. IT Svit can help your business save money and ensure the stability of operations while providing top-quality IT infrastructure management.

Ready to start?

IT Svit team provides remote system administration for 15+ years, dedicated software development services for 10+ years and DevOps services for 5+ years. Over this time we have successfully delivered more than 600 DevOps consulting and cloud infrastructure management projects. IT Svit is one of the leading Managed Services Providers worldwide, which works with UK startups, small-to-medium-businesses and global enterprises alike. We enable software development and cloud infrastructure management automation along with smart alerting and 24/7 automated monitoring of your systems.

Our DevOps engineers can handle any aspect of IT services:

  • Planning and building cloud infrastructure
  • Implementing custom-tailored cloud monitoring, alerting and logging modules
  • Automating software development through CI/CD pipelines
  • Providing outsourced DevOps services for any projects
  • IT infrastructure management at scale, assessment and optimization
  • Migrations to the cloud and between the cloud platforms
  • Delivering DevOps consulting and transformation for your IT operations
  • Managed AWS services
  • Managed Google Cloud services
  • Developing Blockchain apps and infrastructure for them
  • CI/CD implementation for infrastructure operations
  • App containerization with Docker and ongoing container management
  • Building custom-tailored cloud monitoring, alerting and logging solutions
  • Providing site reliability engineering services
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS operations

Our software and DevOps engineers are proficient with all the aspects of software delivery.

IT Svit team helps design and build your cloud systems

We are very often asked for help with designing and building cloud systems for our customers. You can easily start using AWS, GCP or Azure cloud services on your own and compose an infrastructure for your project using the ready solutions. However, in the majority of cases, IT Svit customers discover their IT systems either don’t perform so well or they are too costly, and sometimes they overpay as much as 50% for their underused web services.

This is why we have to optimize the cloud infrastructure for the majority of our projects or to design and build the cloud infrastructure from scratch. We have done this several hundred times already, which allowed our team to gather solid expertise with cloud infrastructure design and optimization. We have also built lots of various solutions that help deal with the challenges the businesses commonly meet while building and running their cloud infrastructures. This helps speed up the deployment and configuration process a lot, while also reducing the time-to-market for your new product features and services. IT Svit team applies our immense DevOps expertise to design and build modular, reliable, and cost-efficient cloud systems using a mix of open-source tools and cloud-based web services.

Cloud alerting, monitoring and logging systems for your business

Keeping an eye on your system performance is essential for ensuring stable and predictable operations. Whichever cloud platform you select, you gain access to vendor-specific cloud monitoring services like Google Stackdriver, AWS CloudWatch Logs or Azure Monitor, for example. While these are decent tools that provide great results when working as a part of their respective suites, they can cost quite a lot to run, require in-depth expertise for correct configuration and can be easily replaced with open-source alternatives.

Thus said, most of our customers have only the basic cloud monitoring features implemented, as it is quite hard to configure these solutions correctly from the get-go, especially if you don’t have access to the corresponding expertise. Many companies order cloud monitoring services from their respective cloud computing providers or their authorized partners, but as we said above, this is not the most frugal approach sometimes. This functionality can easily be delivered by open-source tools like ELK stack, Datadog, Prometheus and Grafana, Zabbix, Icinga and Nagios, as well as many other free-to-use alternatives. IT Svit can help your company with planning out and implementing in-depth cloud monitoring, smart alerting and logging functionality to safeguard your operations.

Software development automation and improvement

Software development has a long-standing reputation of a highly unpredictable process. Critical bugs can make it all the way to production undetected, or code refactoring might leave the whole features reverse incompatible, or the deadlines can be simply missed due to a variety of reasons. An exceedingly long time of configuration for testing environments is one of the most widespread reasons for missed deadlines, which is why automating their configuration and deployment is one of the most effective and popular directions of CI/CD implementation and software development automation.

With this approach, all the testing environment settings are codified and stored in the project repo in textual files called Terraform manifests. Every developer can easily change the parameters of these manifests and deploy the testing environment needed to test the new batch of code with ease. In addition, DevOps services support automated unit and integrity testing, so every developer can test the new code features against a ready unit test codebase without bothering the QA engineers and Ops specialists. When such a huge chunk of preliminary testing is automated along with the process of deploying the environments for it, the software development becomes much more predictable and reliable.

IT Svit can help with automating and improving all the aspects of software delivery using our in-depth DevOps expertise. If your business needs assistance with DevOps services — let us know, it will be our pleasure to help you out!

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