Dedicated teams for database administration

Every business generates tons of data daily and it can either be lost or used to maximize the cost-efficiency and impact of your operations. To be used, information from various data sources must be efficiently stored at a database, which makes database administration skills one of the crucial assets for any UK business. IT Svit provides dedicated database administration services based on more than a decade of experience to ensure your business IT operations run optimally.

Database management for apps and services

In order to function successfully, your business has to utilize a wide range of software products and systems. This includes a variety of databases, from Microsoft SQL Server to enable Active Directory, Office 365 or Outlook — to MongoDB, Redis or other platforms to support various open-source or third-party solutions. Cost-efficient and reliable management of these databases is an essential component of business continuity and performance. IT Svit team can assist with database management services so you can concentrate on growing your business.

IT Svit helps with database migration and updates

Every UK business can have compelling reasons for database migration and updates. From changing your cloud provider to moving to a new toolkit, updating your database to the latest version or performing various types of database migration can be of great help for your business. IT Svit team can remove all the hurdles of this process and ensure your database migration project succeeds.

Ready to start?

Most web projects are quite simple in terms of database administration — install MySQL from your hosting provider’s dashboard and you are good to go. Nevertheless, there are multiple cases when you need to use some specific database title (to move your operations to the cloud) or specific version (to interact with specific third-party software, for instance), which means your business must have access to skilled and reliable database administrators, as it is otherwise quite hard to implement database migrations flawlessly.

IT Svit team can help solve this hurdle by providing experienced DBAs who have a thorough understanding of various database administration best practices. We have 5+ years of experience in configuring, managing and migrating various AWS- or GCP-specific databases or their open-source alternatives like Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB or Memcached. Our specialists can assess your current database infrastructure and processes and offer the best solutions based on your project needs. Be it cloud-based databases or dedicated database servers — we can manage all of them for you!

DBA benefits for IT Svit customers

IT Svit team provides the following DBA benefits for our customers:

  • Comprehensive expertise. IT Svit team includes database administrators with in-depth expertise in all database management stages, from system design and implementation to backup&restore scenarios, upgrades, migrations, export&import, etc.
  • System optimization and innovation. We assess the systems you use to run your databases and highlight all possible performance bottlenecks, as well as offering the solutions for them. This helps us optimize your IT operations and lays a solid ground for innovation and improved value delivery for any UK business.
  • Reputation. The highest quality of our services is ensured by more than 30 IT Svit customer reviews on Clutch, a global technology consultancy agency from Washington, D.C., where our satisfied clients showcase the quality of our services.

IT Svit services for relational and NoSQL database management

Our team can accomplish a wide range of tasks for relational and NoSQL databases:

  • Assessment of the infrastructure in place
  • System optimization and updates
  • Selecting and implementing the best DB solution for your project
  • Helping your team master DBA best practices for your solution
  • Database security and user security administration
  • Implementing automated backup&restore scenarios
  • Enabling automated import&export from/to various databases
  • Enabling smart monitoring with periodic database health checks
  • Ad-hoc consultation on ensuring scalability of operations

IT Svit provides a full range of database migration services and support. Our team assists with planning, implementing and performing all kinds of database migrations — from lift-and-shift to migrate-and-update scenarios. We work with cloud-native, open-source and on-prem databases alike and ensure successful completion of your projects.

Database administration services from IT Svit

Your business surely has some IT team and you might even have a talent with a decent understanding of database administration, so why outsource these tasks to a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit? The answer is simple – experience. While your in-house team can be quite able to deal with day-to-day database administration tasks, harder challenges like transitioning to the cloud with swapping to another database while ensuring system security and scalability can be quite outside of their depth.

This is why working with a reliable IT services provider like IT Svit can be the best choice for planning and implementing complex cloud-based systems. We provide the whole range of database administration services your business might need and we can ensure the security, scalability and manageability of the resulting systems. Let us know if you need any assistance!

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