IT Svit helps perform Google Cloud database migration flawlessly

As one of the top 3 cloud computing platforms worldwide, Google Cloud gets its fair share of attention from UK businesses that want to cost-efficiently compete on the global arena. However, performing an application and database migration to Google Cloud is not so easy. IT Svit can help with this task, ensuring your business transitions to GCP from a legacy infrastructure or any other cloud platform flawlessly.

In-depth consulting on Google cloud database migration

Whether you need to simply move to a cloud analog of your database or to migrate your data to a totally different platform-specific database — Google Cloud provides a wide variety of variants. However, not all databases are 100% compatible, so an in-depth database migration consulting is necessary to select the best course of action. IT Svit provides such consulting to help our customers move their data to the cloud without issues.

All kinds of database migrations for UK businesses

The methods of database migration in the cloud vary greatly. Sometimes it is as simple as lift-and-shift, or backup-restore. Sometimes you need to migrate and upgrade to the latest database version. Sometimes you might need to export and import the data into an entirely different database. IT Svit can handle all of these database migration types for your business.

Ready to start?

As Google Cloud Platform continues to grow in popularity, more and more UK businesses decide to move their applications, workloads and databases there. However, moving vast data volumes to the cloud can be quite a complicated task, which requires expert consulting in order to be planned and executed flawlessly. IT Svit can provide this expertise and help any business with Google Cloud database migration.

The complexity of this endeavor is based on a wide range of factors that influence the feasibility or outline of the cloud database migration process. In several cases, these factors are accounted for and detailed guidelines for performing such migrations are available with Google Database Migration Service or Amazon Database Migration Service, which can help perform transitions to and from various databases:

  • Google Cloud Memory Store
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Spanner
  • Google Cloud BigTable
  • Google Cloud Firestore

These Google web services can integrate with your on-prem databases in full or at least partially.

In case of a full match, you need simply to create a source database dump, upload it to the cloud and restore to the target database.

However, if the database version on your project is outdated, it can rely on some features that are currently deprecated, as well as not support the latest additions. In this case, database migration to Google Cloud can cause heavy issues. 

This challenge can be addressed in a couple of ways:

  • full-scale update of the database used on-prem to the latest available version. In some cases this can make it compatible with the cloud-based database, which allows to move the data to the cloud.
  • dump/restore as much data as possible and fill in the gaps manually. If the source and target databases are fully incompatible, a team of Database Administrators must prepare the Python scripts that will check the source database for consistency and copy as much data as possible to the target database. The res must be copied manually.

As there are no ready solutions for the latter approach, it is by far the hardest one. Each such project poses a formidable challenge and must be performed by a team of skilled DBAs, who will be able to deliver it successfully.

IT Svit can lift-and-shift or upgrade and migrate your databases

Thus said, in both cases a business is better off by partnering with a skilled database administration and DevOps team. These specialists will be able to design the most suitable, reliable and cost-efficient Google Cloud infrastructure for your project, select the most relevant database and define the appropriate way to move your data to the cloud.

With the lift-and-shift approach we will execute the migration seamlessly to avoid any downtime for your products and services, so both your team and your customers will not experience any inconvenience. In case of the need to upgrade and migrate the database, we will create a cloud-based copy of your systems and move as much data as possible there before the migration and will help fill in the gaps manually.

Thus said, if you need assistance of a skilled database administration team, IT Svit is the right choice! Contact us today, we are always glad to discuss your projects!

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