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In order to benefit from the rich set of products and Amazon web services, many businesses need to hire Amazon database migration services experts. There is an Amazon DMS feature that covers many cases of database migration to AWS, but the list is not exhaustive. IT Svit has rich experience with delivering AWS database migration services and we can you business move to the cloud quickly and without errors.

Migration to AWS-based analogs of your database

In most cases, the database you use can be run with AWS. Thus said, migration becomes quite doable and only requires precise mirroring and synchronization between the source and the target databases. Your on-prem database might need to be updated before migration though, and the infrastructure might need some adjustments. IT Svit can provide database migration consulting to evaluate the scope of work and the roadmap to a successful  AWS database migration.

Migrating your data to Amazon databases

There are several Amazon-specific databases like Amazon Redshift, Aurora or DynamoDB. The process of moving to them from on-prem solutions like MySQL can be quite complicated, and while it is described in Amazon documentation, you would need a certain degree of expertise to accomplish this migration successfully. IT Svit possesses this expertise and can help your business migrate the data to Amazon Web Services without issues.

Ready to start?

Every successful business nowadays ahs to run some customer-facing systems online and store operational data in some databases on-prem or on dedicated servers in data centers. However, running a dedicated server infrastructure is currently out of date and most businesses prefer to move their operations online to reduce TCO. Due to Amazon Web Services being the most massive cloud service provider nowadays, it is only natural that many organizations find themselves in need of skilled AWS database migration services.

While AWS provides an immense library of guides and tutorials regarding database migration, as well as a fully-managed AWS DMS (database migration service), it cannot possibly cover all the configurations and purposes of production environments out there. Not to mention that the coin has two sides and the path to AWS database migration is not covered in rose petals.

Amazon is a beast, but a very nimble and rapidly-moving beast that can devour your budget with ease. It provides a huge variety of services that must be correctly configured to perform at the top of their functionality. New features and updates to the existing services are introduced at a regular pace and it requires quite a lot of effort to just keep abreast with all the innovations from AWS. Therefore, designing the cloud infrastructure you need and performing a database migration to AWS without previous experience with this task is quite impossible — and the experience must be fresh or it will not be relevant.

IT Svit is a reputable Managed Services Provider with 5+ years of experience in Amazon Web Services management, including database migration to Amazon and from it. We know how to plan, build and manage cloud infrastructures that will allow you to get the most out of your AWS investments.

AWS DMS database list and use cases

Your business might want to use one or several of Amazon databases that are supported by AWS DMS, depending on the current project requirements. AWS provides a huge range of databases that fulfill a wide variety off roles:

  • RDS
  • Aurora
  • DynamoDB
  • Redshift
  • Timestream
  • ElastiCache
  • DocumentDB
  • Quantum Ledger DB

Some of the listed databases are fully compatible with the most widely employed databases, like:

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL

Obviously, MySQL is the most popular database in the world and it can be a part of various database migration scenarios. IT Svit has performed the following cases of MySQL migration to and from AWS:

  1. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS EC2 to on-premise
  2. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS to AWS EC2
  3. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS EC2 to Google CloudSQL
  4. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine
  5. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS
  6. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS to Google Compute Engine
  7. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS to Google CloudSQL
  8. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS to on-premise
  9. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from on-premise to AWS EC2
  10. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from on-premise to Google CloudSQL
  11. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from on-premise to AWS RDS
  12. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from on-premise to Google Compute Engine
  13.  Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS to AWS RDS in another AWS region
  14. Migrate MySQL RDBMS from AWS RDS, AWS EC2, on-premise, Google Compute Engine, Google CloudSQL to Percona XtraDB Cluster

IT Svit can lend our expertise to help UK businesses move their operations and data to AWS databases and ensure security, cost-efficiency and scalability of your services. If you need assistance with AWS database migration — we are always glad to help!

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