IT Svit can assist you with database migration to the cloud

You might want to reduce the complexity and TCO of operating your IT infrastructure or simply consolidate all your systems under one roof — the reasons for database migration to the cloud can be multiple. IT Svit can help finish the project successfully, on time and under budget, while ensuring a seamless transition and positive experience for your team and customers.

Step-by-step guidance for your cloud database migration

The process of moving the data from the source to the target database consists of quite simple and predictable steps, but it can be complicated by the existing database schema and data processing workflows in your infrastructure, as well as the difficulties with the configuration of the target database. IT Svit has gained an in-depth understanding of database migration best practices and can enable them for your project.

IT Svit consulting on database server updates

Database performance depends on various factors and not all of these factors are influenced by the database itself. Server performance, scalability challenges, monitoring efficiency and various other factors can impede your database operational efficiency. IT Svit provides consulting on the ways to improve your database performance by improving your infrastructure performance in general.

Ready to start?

The reasons to move IT operations to the cloud can be various and quite compelling for a UK business. With a big part of business performance depending on database operations in some way or another, ensuring your databases run at full speed can be a crucial task. However, every business operates the infrastructure deployed at varying periods of time, using the technology and skill level at hand at the moment. Therefore, one of the crucial business functions can depend on sub-par systems that cannot be improved.

Application, workflow and database migration to the cloud is the most popular solution for this conundrum. When business transitions all its workloads to the cloud computing platform, you can redesign the infrastructure and processes in use, including the database structure and processes. However, this is no easy task, which requires some serious effort sometimes. For example, if your systems run Microsoft SQL Server 2012, it might be simply impossible to update it to MS SQL Server 2019 without a major system redesign. And if such a redesign should take place, why not replace the MS SQL server with a more modern solution that runs faster and provides many more benefits for your business?

Thus said, database migration to the cloud requires some in-depth retrospective and might lead to the necessity of a complete redesign of the systems, toolkits and workflows in place. In addition, the most suitable cloud-based database must be selected to ensure project success and provide maximum benefits for your business. Choosing such a system correctly demands a thorough understanding of all nooks and crannies of cloud platforms and their features. IT Svit has such expertise due to 5+ years of providing managed IT services in the cloud and we can provide the full range of services needed for your project to succeed.

Roadmap for database migration

Below is the approximate roadmap of IT Svit database migration process:

  1. Assessment of the systems and workflows in your current IT infrastructure to define the weaknesses and performance bottlenecks. We gather input from your IT team, business stakeholders and developer documentation. This leads to the creation of a clear infrastructure schema and the possibility to redesign it to ensure maximum performance and cost-efficiency for your business.
  2. When we improve everything that can be improved and remove the operational bottlenecks in place, we start building a new cloud-based infrastructure for your business.
  3. The target database instance is deployed to the cloud infrastructure and the source database dump is created.
  4. Once the cloud infrastructure is operational and the database dump is restored to the target database, the traffic can be redirected to it — and your customers are served by the new cloud-based systems.
  5. When everything works from the cloud, the previous infrastructure can be decommissioned or reconfigured for other purposes.

This is just a backbone of the database migration process, and various details can be changed based on your project requirements. However, this process ensures your business can benefit from the scalability, security, automation and other advantages of the cloud. IT Svit is glad to assist UK businesses to perform database migration to the cloud of their choice. If you need such services — let us know, we are always ready to assist!

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