IT Svit provides cloud upgrade as a service

At some point, every UK business faces the need to upgrade its IT infrastructure. This can be a vital step, as the systems that supported hundreds of visitors might not be able to support several dozen or hundred thousand. IT Svit provides cloud upgrade as a service and helps UK businesses restructure their IT operations to meet the growing business demands.

Cloud upgrade services for Google Cloud and AWS

Some businesses need to move their IT operations from legacy infrastructure to the cloud, while some need to perform migration to AWS or Google cloud from other cloud platforms. Whatever cloud upgrade services you require, IT Svit is ready to assist with making your cloud systems fault-tolerant, automated and resilient.

Long-term support for your cloud applications and data

When you move your data and applications to highly-scalable cloud infrastructures and start using automated CI/CD pipelines to process them, many workflows have to change to utilize all the potential of the cloud. Most importantly, the existing performance bottlenecks must be identified and removed before performing the cloud upgrade to utilize its potential in full. IT Svit provides the full range of cloud upgrade services and post-upgrade infrastructure support to maximize the benefits of the cloud upgrade.

Ready to start?

Every IT infrastructure is unique, as no businesses grow in exactly the same way, yet after dealing with hundreds of startup projects, we can identify similar points for all of them. A cloud upgrade can help immensely on several stages of startup lifecycle:

  • building cloud-native product from the start of the software development process
  • ensuring scalability after MVP release through the use of CDN features like CloudFront from Amazon Web Services
  • rebuilding the monolith product to run like a bunch of microservices interacting through RESTful APIs, to ease the integration with third-party modules and optimize application performance at scale
  • transition to the cloud from legacy infrastructures for your applications and data
  • cloud infrastructure optimization in order to remove bottlenecks and speed up the software development process, reducing the overall time-to-market for new product features
  • long-term post-upgrade cloud tech support and monitoring

As you can see, cloud upgrade services can benefit your business on literally every stage of the software development lifecycle. The main issue of this approach is the lack of the required expertise in-house, as cloud upgrades are not routine daily tasks, so hiring an in-house expert in this kind of work can be quite troublesome.

This is a reason why many UK businesses go for the IT outsourcing route and hire Managed Services Providers like IT Svit to gain instant access to highly-skilled software engineers and DevOps specialists and ensure the safety and control of a cloud upgrade project.

IT Svit offers AWS and GCP cloud upgrades

AWS and Google Cloud combined serve more than half of all cloud customers worldwide, so it’s natural that many UK businesses try to build their cloud infrastructures there. Unfortunately, while these cloud platforms seem simple to manage, they demand minute configuration in order to work correctly and cost-efficiently. This is why IT Svit frequently receive AWS and GCP cloud upgrade requests, as we know the cloud infrastructure management best practices and can help implement them for your business.

Alternatively, businesses contact IT Svit asking for help with their transition to AWS or Google Cloud if they want everything to be done correctly from the start. We assess their existing systems and processes, design the solutions to remove the existing performance bottlenecks and perform the cloud upgrades that result in resilient, cost-efficient, scalable and easy to manage cloud systems. Due to 5+ years of experience with delivering cloud upgrade services, we have a vast base of ready solutions for typical cloud upgrade challenges, so we can reduce the resulting time-to-market for your products immensely.

Long-term post-upgrade application support

As time goes by, the systems that worked okay yesterday no longer suffice for solving the challenges of tomorrow. Cloud upgrades are not a one-time service, as your infrastructure must be able to adjust to meet the rapidly changing business objectives. IT Svit can ensure your business is future-proof, as we can design and implement flexible, resilient and modular infrastructures that can be easily adjusted to meet your business needs.

IT Svit also excels at delivering long-term technical support and system maintenance, ensuring your IT systems always operate at top performance. This means that we have an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure and processes and can find the quickest and most cost-efficient way to a cloud upgrade that will reach your business objectives.

If you would like to order cloud upgrade services from IT Svit — contact us right away, we are always ready to help!

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