Reliable cloud support services for any UK business

If your business operates customer-facing applications and mission-critical systems in the cloud, the importance of reliable cloud support services cannot be overestimated. However, hiring qualified DevOps engineers in-house can prove to be troublesome, as good specialists are rarely available on the market. IT Svit houses dedicated DevOps teams that provide cloud computing support with established processes and various ready solutions.

Cost-efficient AWS cloud support

Many UK businesses decide to move their workloads to Amazon Web Services or start their new projects there. However, unless you have a thorough understanding of AWS cloud operations, architecture and features, you risk security misconfiguration, and spoiling scalability and other parameters. This might result in security breaches or exorbitant bills — and IT Svit help prevent this by providing professional AWS support to enable cost-efficient management of AWS features and products.

Delivering productive Google cloud support

Google Cloud is another popular cloud computing platform that provides a powerful set of features for software delivery and cloud infrastructure management. However, learning all the details of configuration for these cloud services in a short time can be quite hard, and without a full understanding of all the details, you risk ending up with huge expenses or system failures. IT Svit helps deal with all these challenges to ensure the stable performance of your Google Cloud infrastructure.

Ready to start?

Every company can get multiple benefits from running their data and applications in the cloud. There is no need to rent excessive servers “just in case” and pay for them on standby — your cloud infrastructure can scale up and down in real-time to meet the live workload demands. No need to worry about the security of your data and IT operations — cloud platforms like AWS provide powerful features like CloudFront that provide immense protection against malicious access attempts and DDoS attacks.

You don’t even need to plan and build automation solutions — there are ready features like AWS CodePipeline and other features that help build Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines that remove the need for the majority of daily manual operations, saving your time and resources. This shortens the time-to-market for new product features and simplifies routine infrastructure management operations.

Sounds great, yeah? However, such commendable results can only be achieved after performing an effort-consuming and in-depth configuration work. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest endeavor, as cloud platforms like GCP and AWS provide complex web services that require in-depth configuration to correspond to your project requirements. Thus said, gaining access to highly-qualified cloud support services is of utmost importance to ensure optimal allocation of your resources and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure operations. Every company selects one of the three possible routes:

  • Building an in-house DevOps team. You can try to employ a few DevOps engineers in-house or as freelancers to provide cloud technical support. The two possible shortcomings are that high-level specialists are not unemployed, and the ones you can find quickly can lack the full range of expertise needed to build and manage your cloud infrastructure.

    This method is also susceptible to the risks of any other recruitment process — you need to pay for in-house or external recruitment and HR services to obtain and retain these talents (or spend your time doing so). if these specialists fall ill — the project is at risk and if they quit — the project will most certainly fail unless a substitute is found quickly.
  • Delegating this task to cloud technical support or certified partners. If you don’t have the time to waste looking for a suitable candidate, you might contact the cloud vendor of your choice and order cloud technical support services from them or their certified partners. This is a great way to ensure the reliability of your IT operations, as these specialists are experts in using the products and features of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, respectively.

    The key drawbacks of this approach are that such software engineers tend to use platform-specific tools wherever possible and that even under SLA the ticket response times tend to more often be like 4 hours, not 15 minutes. Therefore, you risk ending up in vendor lock-in and will have a hard time moving to another platform or on-prem cloud solutions, should the need ever arise.
  • Hiring an IT services provider. There are multiple IT outsourcing teams with decent DevOps expertise who can be hired to provide long-term cloud infrastructure support. The companies like IT Svit are Managed Services Providers, meaning our DevOps teams have ample experience supporting the whole range of IT operations, from software delivery and automated testing to application management in production, real-time data analytics, smart monitoring and logging.

    This approach provides the most benefits, as you gain instant access to formed teams of highly-skilled engineers with established processes and communication, in-depth experience and a large base of ready solutions for most typical issues. Our DevOps teams, in their turn, can work on multiple projects over a short time span, meaning they are able to gain lots of experience quickly and improve their professional level.

If you need reliable cloud computing support services — IT Svit is ready to assist!

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