Cloud development and application management

The best approach to ensuring predictability, manageability and cost-efficiency of software delivery is using cloud development as your R&D destination. The cloud uses virtualized infrastructure, where build, test, staging and production environments can be quickly and nearly effortlessly provisioned and configured without mistakes. This helps reduce the time-to-market for new product features and ensure shorter customer feedback loops. IT Svit team provides cloud-based development and infrastructure management for UK businesses to help you succeed and reach your business objectives!

Enabling public cloud for development purposes

All popular cloud platforms provide some packages of features for software development, like Google App Engine, IBM Cloud Foundry or AWS Code Pipeline, etc. Configuring these services is easy and many startups can do it on their own — but it provides only the basic cloud development functionality. If you want to build a system that will scale well in the future and will become a steady basis for long-term success — IT Svit offers our rich experience to ensure your cloud development workflows are optimized and configured correctly.

Full cycle of cloud development and updates

While the correct initial cloud development environment configuration helps enable timely MVP release, it takes much more to ensure long-term product success. Your cloud infrastructure must be scalable and secure, provide the capability for continuous updates and on-point monitoring, detailed analytics and simple integration with various third-party modules. IT Svit helps configure cloud infrastructure to enable full cycle of software development and timely updates.

Ready to start?

Every business that wants to succeed long-term nowadays has to have some form of online communication with its customers. It can be a mobile app, a web app, a standalone application — but your products or services must be available online and updated regularly to make your customers satisfied and turn them into your brand advocates.

Cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or IBM provide everything a startup needs to develop their software: databases, CI/CD tools, development and testing environments, monitoring and security tools, you name it. Using cloud development frees up your team to build great products and deliver value to your customers, instead of dealing with server configuration.

IT Svit provides cloud application development and management services that help our customers to take full advantage of public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) features so that your software delivery routine is streamlined and automated, your operations are cost-efficient, time-to-market for your products is minimal and feedback loops from your customers are short.

IT Svit makes the public cloud services work for you

Through the use of standardized workflows, popular open-source tools and ready solutions that are based on our 5+ years of DevOps expertise and 600+ successfully accomplished projects, we can ensure your applications or services are developed quickly and each step is repeatable, traceable and scalable.

IT Svit helps enable cloud development and configure continuous delivery practices, so your software is developed under schedule, within budget, without outages and post-release downtimes. We help you build a strong basis for your long-term success by providing the following cloud development services:

  • MVP development and testing
  • Product security and compliance assessment
  • Ongoing software development and scaling to enterprise
  • Continuous Integration of code and Continuous Delivery of new features
  • Cloud infrastructure design, configuration and optimization
  • Smart monitoring, logging and alerting

We can build a cloud infrastructure that will be uniquely suited to the needs of your business project and will include both essential cloud computing features and reliable open-source tools to form a reliable and cost-efficient ecosystem.

Reliable cloud development and management services from IT Svit

Our team has ample experience with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, but we have also used various other public cloud and dedicated server solutions, from DigitalOcean and IBM CloudFoundry to OpenShift and bare-metal server clusters in various data centers.

Our system architects can plan and deliver the cloud architecture and workflows that will uniquely suit your project, will be able to integrate with the technology and tools you already use or help you move from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

We help our customers get the most out of their cloud investments by providing detailed developer documentation and diligent tech support to help your team master the tools and workflows needed to maximize your value delivery potential. We provide in-depth cloud management consulting and work with your business stakeholders to develop and implement a long-term digital transformation strategy, that will help your business reach the next level of performance.

We work with startups and enterprises around the globe in industries like banking and finances, logistics and transportation, social media and marketing, the energy industry and production, design and publishing, eGovernment and charity. More than 30 satisfied customers have left their positive IT Svit reviews on various platforms and more than 10 accolades from reputable business rating authorities mark us as the leaders in IT outsourcing and among Managed Services Providers worldwide.

Nearly a dozen companies became our long-term partners over the years and are fully satisfied with the results. We are proud to meet and exceed our customer expectations and help their businesses grow and succeed. If you would like to personally experience our professionalism and expertise and use our assistance in reaching your business objectives — leave a request, we would be happy to help you!

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