IT Svit delivers expert cloud consulting for UK businesses

Cloud computing offers multiple advantages over the traditional dedicated server farms: reliable software delivery schedule, cost-efficiency, scalability and security of operations. IT Svit helps UK businesses design, build and run cloud computing systems that move your business to the next level and provide huge competitive edge for your products and services. We can select the best cloud architecture for your projects and implement reliable workflows for managing your data and applications.

Cloud computing consulting based on 5+ years of experience

Having a resilient and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure is obviously beneficial for any business. Thus said, obtaining expertise required to build such a cohesive and error-proof cloud computing system with automated workflows is not so easy. IT Svit is doing this for 5+ years and we are glad to lend our assistance to select the best fit for your projects among various offers from multiple cloud platforms.

Cloud infrastructure management and optimization

It is easy to build your basic cloud computing infrastructure following the guidelines provided by AWS, Google Cloud and other vendors. It is hard to make your infrastructure run flawlessly under heavy workloads to ensure maximum ROI for your business. IT Svit can help optimize the existing infrastructures and ensure they are secure, highly performant and easy to manage.

Ready to start?

Whether your company is a startup, an SME, or a global corporation, spending as little as possible on infrastructure operations is a wise tactic. Cloud computing helps do just that but using its features like PAYG billing, ingrained security at scale, automated scaling and other services to the fullest capacity requires some serious expertise, You need to get access to the knowledge of cloud-based tools, their integration and API interaction with each other, the best ways to configure them to reach your project requirements, etc. However, this expertise is not easy to obtain, for a couple of important reasons.

  • The DevOps services market cannot meet the demand. Efficient cloud infrastructure management requires learning it full-time, which is hard for IT engineers who have to support legacy infrastructures in their companies. Moving these infrastructures to the cloud can take months or years on end. At the same time, software architects who work with cloud systems cannot stay with the same project and technology stack for years, as they have to constantly work with the latest technology to stay relevant. As an alternative, these DevOps engineers are employed by large corporations to handle their systems. They receive fat checks for their expertise and are not prone to leaving for a small startup with a couple of months worth of the project.
    Thus said, small businesses cannot hope to outbid global corporations and hire top-notch DevOps specialists full-time for managing their projects. Therefore, they are left with a choice: either subscribe to cloud platform support or outsource this task to a trustworthy IT services provider company like IT Svit. Quite many companies try to go on their own and use assistance from cloud support specialists only when it’s needed. However, even while covered by SLA, processing your requests in 4 hours is much more likely than in 15 minutes, as all the tickets form a common queue, so your business might have to wait for some time, while mission-critical systems are down.
  • Working with a cloud platform means vendor lock-in. Ticket processing time left aside, there is one more huge issue with using DevOps services from cloud platforms and their associated partners. Their engineers prefer using vendor-specific tools when building their infrastructures, which ensures top-notch quality of such systems.
    However, if your support engineers build the cloud infrastructure your business runs using vendor-specific tools only, this inevitably leads to vendor lock-in situation, as you are left without a choice in the matter. Unfortunately, most of the cloud services are designed to work in bundles, and some services might require running additional features that are not actually required for your project. This means you might end up overpaying for the services your systems could have easily go without — only because you do not know what to replace them with. In other words, you need independent cloud consulting services to ensure your systems run cost-efficiently

Thus said, ordering cloud consulting from Managed Services Providers like IT Svit helps UK businesses ensure their cloud infrastructures are reliable and cost-efficient. This can be done by leveraging only the most needed platform-specific services for your project and replacing the rest with open-source alternatives.

This leads to building modular and highly-flexible systems, where cloud services like Amazon S3 storage can be easily replaced with Google Storage or data storage feature from any other cloud provider, so your business avoids vendor lock-in. Most importantly, these systems are much more cost-efficient, which helps you save the money on unneeded expenses and reinvest them into core areas to help your business grow and succeed.

If you need such kind of cloud consulting — IT Svit can provide the project assessment, cloud system design, implementation, optimization and ongoing management for UK businesses. Let us know and we will be glad to help!

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