AWS Big Data Services from IT Svit

AWS Big Data Services help businesses use their Big Data solutions to the max. They enable analytics for optimizing your infrastructure spending, product personalization and workflow automation. The problem here is that there are no standard Big Data solution components, so every Big Data platform is unique. All of these systems are built based on some logic though, and understanding this logic helps IT Svit design and deliver bespoke Big Data tools uniquely fit to meet your project requirements.

IT Svit empowers your operations through Big Data

We can help your in-house IT specialists augment your daily IT operations using our vast expertise with AWS Big Data services. Analyze your machine-generated data and customer interaction records to find the patterns that will help you minimize expenses and personalize product offers to maximize your revenues. We also help implement new product features that are powered by AWS Big Data services and tools.

We run AWS Big Data modules for your team

IT Svit team has ample experience managing AWS Big Data tools. This helps us define the best practices for solving typical challenges, as well as allowing us to use ready solutions to minimize the time-to-market for your custom Big Data platform. This way you get bespoke Big Data analytics tools in a quick, cost-efficient and reliable manner — from a trustworthy IT services provider!

Ready to start?

Amazon is one of the leading cloud service vendors worldwide, and the range of Amazon Big Data tools is huge. Amazon Big Data services can help you process images, text and voice, authenticate your customers, analyze huge volumes of data real-time and draw useful conclusions that will empower your business strategy.

This allows enabling real-time batch and streaming analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, which will help make your products and services more personalized, as well as make your cloud infrastructure self-healing and more cost-efficient. To do this you will need to use various Amazon web services like Amazon Redshift database to form a data lake, Amazon S3 data storage to warehouse it and Amazon Glue to connect various parts of your system.

However, it takes a deep understanding of AWS architecture in general, and Amazon Big Data web services, in particular. Many businesses lack the knowledge on how to use AWS Big Data tools and cannot leverage the benefits of goldmine of information already at their disposal.

As an example, AWS Big Data tools enable the secure storage of large data sets containing anonymous data about customer interactions to distinguish general patterns. This is a solid ground for predictive analytics, the famous “customers who bought this item have also bought…” that helped make Amazon such a success. Features like this maximize the upselling and cross-selling potential of your products and services.

There are many more ways to use Big Data to increase your business efficiency. For example, you can train a Machine Learning model on your historical server log data, so it can highlight and track the values of key system parameters. Once applied to your real production environment, such a model will be able to react to rapid changes of these values (like growing the number of simultaneous server connections from 200 to more than 5,000, which can be a sign of a DDoS attack).

When a model detects such changes, it automatically alerts the person responsible (the administrator on shift, i.e.) and applies one of the preconfigured response scenarios (switches the front-end part of your app to a CDN and launches additional back-end instances to deal with the workload spike, for example). This way your systems are able to withstand normal and malevolent workload fluctuations automatically, which results in self-healing cloud infrastructure.

Your IT specialists might be able to configure scheduled scaling up and down of your infrastructure to meet regular workload spikes, for example. But applying a trained ML model ensures your systems work at maximum performance 24/7 and are able to deal with any challenges automatically.

IT Svit provides the expertise needed to configure Amazon Web Services Big Data tools accordingly, thus ensuring your systems are secure and highly-performant. The key difference between outsourcing this task to us and opting for full-scale AWS support is that we prefer to save your budget and replace costly AWS features with open-source Big Data alternatives wherever possible. This way, you receive a modular, cost-efficient and resilient cloud infrastructure with robust features.

If this sounds like something you are interesting in — contact us and order AWS Big Data services from IT Svit! We are always glad to help turn your next project into success!

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