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Your business generates tons of information during the normal course of IT operations or works with it as a part of customer-facing applications and services. It is literally a flow of valuable data that goes to waste unless you configure Big Data analytics to catch this stream and turn it into useful insights for your business. IT Svit helps build, implement and manage bespoke Big Data solutions uniquely tailored to your business needs.

Building efficient systems using Big Data tools, ML and AI

IT Svit team has ample experience with various tasks related to Big Data analytics, as well as training Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We perform data mining and web scraping, data ETL processing, train Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing algorithms, develop smart chatbots and tools for profile verification, document parsing and data encryption, along with various other tasks. We can help your company gain a competitive edge due to using efficient Big Data, ML and AI systems.

Dedicated  Big Data teams for your company

To be efficient, your Big Data solutions must be well-made, and this requires a certain level of expertise, which is quite hard to come by. IT Svit is an experienced Managed Services Provider that gathered significant expertise in building Big Data solutions, in-depth knowledge of Big Data analytics best practices and a thorough understanding of Big Data management workflows. Our team will gladly assist with all stages of the Big Data project lifecycle and help your business succeed.

Ready to start?

There is a certain misconception that only huge global corporations have a sufficient level of resources and technology to be able to efficiently utilize Big Data analytics, as it requires lots of resources and effort. However, every cloud service provider like AWS or Google Cloud is actively providing more and more Big Data services and tools for their customers, making them more and more affordable each year. Big Data analytics is a way of processing the data at your disposal to organize and normalize it, represent it in some common format like JSON and visualize the patterns that remained hidden otherwise.  This way the wealth of data available to your business can become a goldmine of practical business insights, instead of idly sitting in your data warehouses.

The most popular ways to utilize Big Data tools include performing real-time analytics of your cloud infrastructure performance, personalization of your products and services or enabling some advanced features for your applications. All of these approaches use a wide variety of tools and leverage various Big Data technology:

  • Python/Django/Flask scripts
  • R language
  • JuPyteR Notebook
  • Apache stack (Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Storm, Hadoop, etc.)
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Naive Bayesian algorithms
  • Decision tree and forest models
  • Tableau and D3.js visualization platforms
  • Optical Character Recognition tools
  • Natural Language Processing features, etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though, as the ways to build and configure a Big Data solution are endless, due to the fact that each such platform can work in a variety of ways, and use a variety of tools depending on the project requirements. This is why there are no best practices or step-by-step guides on building Big Data modules — you have to improvise every time and build a unique solution for each particular situation. The only thing that can help here is the expertise, gained over course of the previously completed projects. This is why when you need a Big Data solution, you cannot simply buy or rent one. You actually need to hire experts able to provide Big Data services for your business.

There are three common ways to gain access to top-notch Big Data expertise. You can try to hire a Big Data expert in-house or as a freelancer. You can subscribe to dedicated Big Data services from your cloud vendor. You can outsource the task to an experienced Big Data team from a Managed Services Provider like IT Svit. Below we list the pros and cons of each approach.

Getting Big Data services from the cloud vendors

Every cloud platform provides tools and features for Big Data collection, storage, processing and visualization. You can monitor your systems in production to get precise business intelligence on the efficiency of operations using Amazon Kinesis, DynamoDB and Lambda from AWS; Google Dataflow, Dataproc and Big Query from GCP; Azure Stream Analytics, Data Bricks and Power BI from MS Azure. Using these services you can build a powerful and complex Big Data analytics solution.

The biggest advantage of this approach is that your systems will be operational, delivered on time and within budget, as AWS, GCP or Azure engineers know their drill and will make the systems that work and provide value for your business.

The biggest flaw of this approach is that these specialists will build the systems using vendor-specific tools, which ensures larger monthly expenses and vendor lock-in.

Trying to hire Big Data experts or freelancers

Many companies believe they have to have a Big Data architect in-house in order to deliver the project successfully — or hire a reputable freelancer to do the job. This sounds great for a variety of reasons, from increasing your team skill set to ensuring the continuity of knowledge on the project.

The main dangers are, however, the ones present in all recruitment. You might not be able to find a suitable candidate for a long time. The talent you finally hire might lack the expertise to deliver the project and you have no way of knowing it beforehand. They might even leave amidst the project, putting it on a halt. This will never be the case with an MSP, which is bound by a contract and has a replacement for every specialist ready.

Working with Managed Services Providers like IT Svit

It is hard to hire a decent Big Data architect because most of them are employed either by the cloud platforms, by global corporations or by MSPs like IT Svit. The reasons for that are either the chance to move the technology forward, the fat salary or a chance to learn much from experienced colleagues (and quickly) due to working on a variety of projects.

This is a win-win situation, where your business gets instant access to a ready Big Data team with rich expertise, ready solutions for typical challenges and polished workflows — while our specialists get another chance to improve their skills and grow as professionals, adding yet another successful project to our already impressive portfolio.

This is why we are absolutely sure that working with an MSP like IT Svit is the best way for a UK business to get a Big Data project delivered successfully. If you want this to be true for your project — let us know, IT Svit team is always ready to assist!

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