Every company, be it a startup, a small-to-medium business or a global enterprise wants to run its operations reliably and cost-efficiently. You want your customers to get a positive user experience by providing uninterrupted and instantly accessible products and services. This is best done by running them atop a scalable, resilient, secure and robust infrastructure and developing new features predictably using reliable workflows and tools. Building such processes and infrastructure to support them is what Managed Services Providers like IT Svit do, and our company is the industry leader, according to Clutch, a worldwide technology consultancy from Washington, D.C.

IT Svit delivers IT outsourcing services for software development and cloud infrastructure management, Big Data analytics, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence projects, etc. We provide instant access to a pool of highly-skilled DevOps engineers, Big Data analysts and solution architects, software developers and QA engineers. 5 years of expertise in building DevOps and Big Data solutions enable us to provide a wide range of end-to-end solutions for any business needs using the latest technology and cutting-edge cloud services.

IT Svit team can work with AWS and Google Cloud Platform, as well as MS Azure and DigitalOcean, OpenStack and bare-metal servers to build and manage public and private cloud systems. We use cloud-specific web services and open-source alternatives like Terraform and Kubernetes to build scalable and cost-efficient clusters with Docker containers that run your apps. We provide a full range of services, from designing and building the software and infrastructure for running it to enabling in-depth monitoring, smart alerting, log processing and predictive analytics to build self-healing cloud systems.

IT Svit started providing remote server administration services in 2005. 15 years later we house 65+ experts in various areas, from software development to DevOps services, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning and multiple other domains. Our main areas of expertise include the following IT outsourcing and nearshoring services:

  • Cutting-edge DevOps solutions. IT Svit DevOps team can handle a wide variety of tasks for your business, from infrastructure security and compliance audit and optimization to migration between different cloud platforms, transitioning to the cloud from legacy systems, implementing Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery workflows, building in-depth cloud monitoring modules, etc.
  • Dedicated software development teams. IT Svit provides nearshoring and outstaffing services. Whether you need a specific talent or instant access to a pool of skilled software engineers — we’ve got you covered. PHP/Laravel, Python/Django/Flask, Node/Vue/React.JS, JavaScript and blockchain development, data mining and scraping for training Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, implementing bespoke solutions for Big Data analytics we do it all. Full-stack development, automated testing and QA, MVP development and scaling for startups — IT Svit can help any business at any stage! 

Why work with us?

IT Svit team is a reputable and trustworthy IT services provider. Over 15 years in business we gained recognition as one of the top-rated Upwork agencies, and several of our engineers top the niche-specific ratings on that platform. Global US-based technology consultancy Clutch names us among the leaders of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine and one of the top 10 Managed Services Providers worldwide. We were also listed amidst 250 global IT service leaders in 2017 — 2019. We have more than 800 successfully completed projects for companies in finances, retail, the energy industry and production, pharmaceuticals and logistics, banking and marketing — and we reach new horizons each year!

IT Svit services and solutions

  • IT infrastructure assessment. Our specialists can audit the systems, tools and processes your company uses. We consult with your stakeholders and documentation available in order to build a cohesive scheme of how your systems are built, what processes are in place and what tool kit is used to perform the tasks. 
  • Infrastructure bottleneck optimization. Once we have a holistic picture of how your systems operate, we highlight the areas that form bottlenecks and can perform better. Based on our ample expertise with infrastructure design and optimization, we remove these performance bottlenecks and reorganize your systems to make them more robust, secure, scalable and manageable.
  • Building new cloud solutions from scratch. We help move your operations to the cloud or build cloud-native solutions from the get-go. We work with AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, VMWare and other platforms to meet your unique project requirements.
  • Enabling CI/CD workflows. We help automate routine operations and improve the software delivery process. With Ansible, Jenkins, CircleCI and other tools we automate repetitive tasks like backups or testing environment configuration, so your team can spend more time helping your business grow.
  • Building bespoke cloud monitoring tools. IT Svit configures in-depth monitoring systems using both cloud-specific and open-source tools like AWS CloudWatch, Google StackDriver, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack, etc.

The other major field of IT Svit covers full-stack development of apps and Big Data solutions:

  • Software MVP development and updates. IT Svit team includes 20+ full-stack developers with thorough expertise of Python/Django/Flask, PHP/Laravel, Node/Vue/React.JS, Javascript, etc. We can provide front-end development, back-end development, end-to-end solutions, blockchain development along with ongoing updates and new features for your products.
  • Building bespoke Big Data/ML/AI solutions. IT Svit can design and implement unique Big Data solutions for your business using the tools like Python, R language, JuPyteR Notebook, Apache Stack and a variety of other tools. We enable the businesses to use Big Data analytics, Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve their operations, reduce their total costs of ownership and drive more value to your customers.

At IT Svit we are proud to help any kind of company reach their project goals, reduce their operational expenses and maximize the predictability of their software delivery.

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