2017 in review: State of DevOps adoption

  • 13.03.2018
  • AWS CI/CD Cloud DevOps Docker News Terraform Tools VPC
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DevOps adoption started nearly 8 years ago and the movement is quite widespread by 2017. However, many fledgling startups and full-scale enterprises alike are still afraid of transition to DevOps.
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AWS VPC Peering the way it should be done

  • 07.12.2017
  • AWS DevOps News Solution Terraform Tools VPC
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Standard VPC peering mechanism from AWS has some limitations. IT Svit has developed a solution to make the AWS VPC peering request handling a simple and easy task.
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AWS PrivateLink: a long-awaited solution for all AWS customers

  • 15.11.2017
  • Amazon AWS Cloud DevOps News VPC
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Needless to say, paying for the traffic used by the services connected to your AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) has never been welcomed. AWS PrivateLink solves this issue!
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