5 Mistakes When Сhoosing an IT Outsourcing Provider

  • 09.03.2018
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Many companies decide to outsource their IT tasks to better use their resources and get access to an external talent pool. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing an IT outsourcing provider.

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Trust or caution? Importance of NDA for Startups

  • 20.02.2018
  • Business IT services Must have NDA News Outsourcing SLA Startups
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NDA is one of the main judicial instruments of a startup, both a shield and a sword. Just keep in mind, the importance of NDA for startups is a double-edged sword. Why do we think so?

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SLA benefits: why do you need SLA and what does it cover

  • 16.02.2018
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SLA or a Service Level Agreement is a document highlighting the measurable metrics and results the customer expects to receive and the contractor is bound to provide. We list the SLA benefits below.

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