How to protect the content from web scraping

  • 09.02.2018
  • AI Analytics Big Data Captcha Crawling News Python Scraping Tools
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Every website admin has two diametrically opposite goals: to help the legitimate web crawlers in indexing the website content while protecting it from illegal web scraping. Here is how it is done.
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Big Data: What is Web Scraping and how to use it

  • 30.01.2018
  • AI Analytics Big Data Crawling Machine Learning News Python Scraping Tools
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What is web scraping? It is essential for gathering Big Data sets, which are the cornerstone of Big Data analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and tutoring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.
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5 Heroic Tools for Natural Language Processing

  • 27.11.2017
  • Big Data CoreNLP Java News NLP NLTK Python Tools
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Big Data analysis is an essential tool for Business Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools help process a flow of unstructured data from disparate sources.
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GitHub smart security alerts: know of vulnerabilities in your projects

  • 17.11.2017
  • DevOps GitHub JavaScript News Python Security
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A plenty of developers use third-party projects in their GitHub projects and might suffer dire consequences when possible security breaches in these dependencies are found. Meet the security alerts!
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Big Data Engineering VS Data Warehousing

  • 04.10.2017
  • AI Big Data Cassandra DW Engineer ML MongoDB News Python SQL
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While to many businesses these components of Big Data operations seem interchangeable, if not fully the same, Big Data engineering actually differs quite a lot from data warehousing.
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