5 benefits of a dedicated team of developers VS an in-house one

  • 10.04.2018
  • Benefits Development In-house MSP News Startup Team Workflow
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Every startup has to make a choice between hiring a dedicated team of developers vs an in-house one. The former approach provides 5 subtle benefits we want to talk about.

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Hiring a dedicated software development team VS building it in-house

  • 05.04.2018
  • Development In-house MVP News Pros and Cons Startup TCO Team Workflow
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Choosing between hiring a dedicated software development team or building it in-house can be a choice between making or breaking a startup. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each approach!
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IT services for startups: outsourcing company vs. in-house team

  • 30.11.2017
  • Clutch DevOps In-house News Outsourcing Services Startup
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Nearly every business requires some kind of IT services to run smoothly and succeed nowadays. While some things can be done yourself, there is only so much one man can do.
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