AI is coming, and it is not about sentient robots

  • 18.06.2018
  • AI Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business Data Science Engineer ML News Robot Tools
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The whole generations worldwide grew reading Isaac Asimov’s books and watching the movies like Terminator, The Matrix an I, Robot. They dream of AI, but that AI is not to come… at least for now.
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Professional IT Outstaffing Services: How we build an outsourced DevOps team

  • 29.05.2018
  • AWS Cloud Architect DevOps Engineer IT outsourcing News Team Terraform
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In following the hot trends, many IT Svit customers expect to hire someone like Cloud Architect or AWS Terraform provider. They end up getting their tasks solved by a DevOps support engineer or outsourced DevOps team.

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DevOps Culture: A Huge Step for Mankind

  • 18.04.2018
  • Business DevOps Engineer Enterprise News Startup Tools Toolset Workflow
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In order to perform well, the company should be comprised of departments concentrated on performing their tasks. Effective interaction between these departments is what drives the DevOps culture. How to achieve this goal?
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Big Data Engineering VS Data Warehousing

  • 04.10.2017
  • AI Big Data Cassandra DW Engineer ML MongoDB News Python SQL
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While to many businesses these components of Big Data operations seem interchangeable, if not fully the same, Big Data engineering actually differs quite a lot from data warehousing.
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