Blockchain-based Shopify app development

  • 29.11.2018
  • eCommerce Shopify
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IT Svit has designed and implemented application architecture for multiple Shopify projects and helped implement certain Blockchain-based functionality for them. We briefly overview the process.

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Make DevOps your trump card in e-commerce competition

  • 23.10.2018
  • Challenges CI/CD eCommerce Kubernetes Terraform
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E-commerce industry has to utilize the latest tech advancements to remain competitive. DevOps is one such advancement, though it is more cultural than technological.
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True Costs Of Launching An Online Retail Website for Startups

  • 29.03.2018
  • DevOps eCommerce News Outsourcing Startups WooCommerce WordPress
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Launching your first website can be a daunting perspective for any entrepreneur. Thus said, this should be an informed decision, made after finding out all the possible circumstances.

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How to apply coupons from one shop in another? By using blockchain!

  • 22.01.2018
  • Blockchain eCommerce News Shop Solution Tools Use cases
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IT Svit developed a neat blockchain-based solution for a network of eCommerce shops.
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