Demystified: 5 Myths of DevOps Services

  • 24.11.2017
  • Agile Cloud Demystified DevOps IAC Myths News Team
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While DevOps principles have been around for above a decade now, the term itself was coined in 2009 only and is now surrounded by a plethora of myths. We try to burst them out today.
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Demystified: 6 Myths of Cloud Computing

  • 13.11.2017
  • AWS Azure Cloud Demystified DevOps Myths News
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Cloud computing has become the synonym of air — it is everywhere around us and every business needs to have free access to it to survive. Or is it so?
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Demystified: 5 Myths of Big Data

  • 17.10.2017
  • AI Big Data Demystified ML Myths News
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As any new technology, Big Data gains a lot of attention and gathers around itself quite a ton of myths. We will look through 5 most popular myths of Big Data today — and demystify them!

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