Red Hat to acquire CoreOS: what lies ahead?

  • 31.01.2018
  • Chrome Container Container Linux CoreOS DevOps Docker Kubernetes News Red Hat Tools
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Container Linux by CoreOS is the leading operating system for Docker containers. Built as a lightweight fork of Chrome OS it is the workhorse of Kubernetes clusters worldwide. Why go for Red Hat now?
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Provision Codeception testing environments in 10 minutes

  • 14.11.2017
  • Codeception Container DevOps Docker Jenkins News Selenium Solution
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Codeception is a great tool for keeping the tests clear, easily readable and simple. If only it would take less time to install all the components and configure the dependencies…
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Docker and Kubernetes: till death do us part

  • 18.10.2017
  • Container DevOps Docker Docker EE Kubernetes News Swarm
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Many DevOps engineers worldwide have already highly appraised the power and convenience that comes when managing Docker containers using Kubernetes. Now it’s even easier!
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