Cloud-native vs lift and shift: which way to choose?

  • 07.03.2018
  • Ansible Autoscaling AWS Cloud DevOps MySQL News Terraform Tools
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Cloud transition might seem a daunting task for many enterprises, given the complexity of their legacy software and architecture. Should you lift and shift your apps or go cloud-native?

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Why many startups are doing DevOps wrong

  • 15.12.2017
  • Ansible Chef DevOps Kubernetes MVP News Puppet Startup
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We’ve seen multiple startups begin using configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet and being sure they are now fully DevOps-powered. Alas, this is not fully true.
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Ansible, AWS CLI & Kubectl in docker container

  • 05.07.2017
  • Ansible AWS DevOps Docker Google Kubernetes News Solution Tools
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Did you ever face installation problems with your CI tool of choice? Try our Docker container in order to avoid issues!
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