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Kubernetes: the cornerstone of the modern cloud infrastructure

Kubernetes: the cornerstone of the modern cloud infrastructure

Kubernetes is one of the latest generation DevOps tools, originally developed by Google Cloud and now open sourced to a community worldwide. This incredible configuration management tool excels at Docker container deployment, configuration and removal, automating and simplifying multiple routine DevOps tasks.

However, Kubernetes does much more than that. It allows to create a cloud-agnostic infrastructure level, enabling the businesses to leverage the services from several cloud computing providers as a part of integral and interconnected systems. It helps automatically build and configure distributed systems like Kafka with a 1-click installation via Helm — and much, much more…


White Paper Overview. What’s inside?

This white paper describes why Kubernetes is de-facto the cornerstone of the modern cloud infrastructure. The contents include:

  1. The reasons for Kubernetes to be the new standard of container management
  2. The state of Kubernetes adoption with AWS, GCP, Azure and DigitalOcean
  3. How Kubernetes helps avoid the Cloud Service Provider lock-in
  4. Kubernetes simplifies the distributed system management with Helm
  5. Real-world Kubernetes use cases from IT Svit

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