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The guide to successfully building Big Data solutions

The guide to successfully building Big Data solutions

Big Data analytics is an indispensable tool for supporting the efficient business decision-making. There are multiple cloud-based solutions for Big Data analytics and data visualization tools, like Jupyter, Tableau, Google Chart or D3.js. Tableau is actually amongst the leaders in Gartner’s BI and Analytics Platforms as of 2017.
However, many data visualization systems cannot run with legacy systems, thus the need for bespoke Big Data analytics solutions and customization of the existing platforms and tools. IT Svit has extensive experience with this task, and this white paper is our guide to successfully building Big Data solutions.


White Paper Overview. What’s inside?

  1. Overview of the Big Data use cases and the biggest challenges with them
  2. The areas where Big Data can increase the business efficiency
  3. The breakdown of the custom Big Data solution development estimates
  4. The roadmap to the Big Data solution development

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