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Blockchain-based coupon and customer loyalty system

The task

One of IT Svit customers came up with an idea of unified coupon and customer loyalty system, working with online shops built on Shopify. This would allow uniting multiple shops into an integral network, providing tangible benefits for both the sellers and the customers.

The solution

We have built a web portal uniting the Shopify-based retailers and their customers through the Ethereum and Shopify APIs. The retailer orders a certain amount of coupons and can set their own rules for issuing them. They can also see where the coupons they issued were used, thus providing detailed analytics of the customer’s behavior.

The customer can apply their coupons anywhere through the network of shops, can send them to another customer and can review the date and terms of the coupon issuing to them.

The results

Our platform helps the retailers optimize their marketing expenses and provides behavioral analysis of the customer purchases. This helps inspire upselling and cross-selling to boost the revenues, not to mention the growth of sales due to discounts and loyalty coupons. The customers benefit by saving their money and being able to gift the coupons to their friends.

We plan to expand the platform to work with Magento and WooCommerce APIs and unite multiple online shops into a mutually-beneficial Blockchain-based network.