Cloud Outstaffing Services

With cloud hosting and using Big Data becoming mainstream, more and more businesses require migration to the cloud for their infrastructure. This leads to talent gap, as finding a team of good cloud architects and data scientists becomes a harsh task, for startups and enterprises alike. IT Svit offers a reliable solution – cloud staffing, namely hiring a ready team of professionals to provide expert services in designing, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure for your business.

What does cloud staffing from IT Svit look like?
  • You describe the project specifications and set deadlines
  • We suggest you a project manager and a selection of specialists
  • You choose the talents to work on your project and the work begins
  • You can monitor the process in person or delegate the task to our PM and concentrate on more pressing matters for your business.

Such an approach provides several benefits to IT Svit customers:

  • The team is formed quickly and can begin to work on your project at once
  • An established and time-proven workflow is in place from the get go
  • Our specialists have ample experience with cloud services and tools, so the learning curve and the possibility of human error is absent
  • Once the deployment or transition to the cloud is complete, the team is reassigned to other projects and you can subscribe to a maintenance package to ensure optimal resource allocation and easy expert availability should the need arise.

IT Svit team works under strict regulation of contract terms and SLA to ensure 100% compliance and satisfaction of the customer’s requests. We provide detailed logging and reporting on the workflow progress and team efficiency along with applying customer feedback real-time. Without further ado — let IT Svit handle the cloud-related tasks for you!

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