DevOps Transformation

In fast-paced business world of today, continuous innovation is not a buzzword or a whim — it is a question of survival. All businesses have equal access to the same level of IaaS from the cloud service providers like Azure, AWS or GCP, so they have to seek for competitive advantage elsewhere.

The most effective way to secure the leading position among your competition is allocating your resources more efficiently, developing new product features quickly and cost-efficiently. DevOps approach to software delivery makes it possible. However, there are several serious challenges on the way:

  • Companies usually lack in-house DevOps expertise
  • Legacy infrastructure slows down or disables the innovation
  • IT department is often the cost center and the budgets are limited

DevOps transformation delivered as a service from a Managed Services Provider can solve all three issues and help you reinvigorate the value delivery chain:

  • Dedicated DevOps teams have ample hands-on experience with multiple projects and can select the right approach for your particular case
  • DevOps transformation includes revamping your product and moving it to the cloud to drop all the limitations and bottlenecks of legacy architecture and infrastructure.
  • Managed DevOps services cost much less, as compared to an in-house team, as you don’t have to pay their wages once the project ends.

IT Svit provides the following services as a part of managed DevOps transformation:

  • Infrastructure audit and data security check
  • Choosing the best fit among the cloud services and migrating to it
  • Deploying the CI/CD pipelines to automate the value delivery chain
  • Build your new product architecture with scalability and high-availability in mind


  • Cloud deployment — we ensure optimal resource usage by deploying your software to public or on-prem cloud services
  • CI/CD — we provide top-notch continuous integration and continuous delivery services to ensure stable software performance and ongoing improvement.
  • Automated workflow — we automate as much workflow as possible to ensure precise resource allocation to mission-critical processes (like fulfilling the customer requests), instead of doing the routine manual tasks.
  • Best practices — we implement DevOps best practices to help your team master the new tooling faster and use it to the fullest extent.
  • Culture — we help introduce and nourish the required culture of collaboration, which facilitates the ongoing effort to improve your company business DNA.
Cloud transition

Move your business from legacy infrastructure to the cloud or swap the cloud provider with ease!

CI/CD pipelines

Shorten the time-to-market and development expenses by establishing automated CI/CD software delivery pipelines!

IT infrastructure optimization

We help optimize the existing infrastructure to improve its performance and reduce spending.

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