Blockchain DevOps services


The blockchain is a disruptive technology that can open new opportunities for multiple businesses — and open up new business models.

This revolutionary approach evolves with great speed and attracts lots of attention.

Peer-to-peer transactions in encrypted, transparent and immutable system have much more uses than merely for a cryptocurrency.



Your business gets the following advantages:

  • Decentralization, transparency and immutability of the records lead to impossibility of fraud and deliberate record corruption
  • Immutable and trusted ledger can be used for public audit
  • Blocks of data are impossible to hack
  • Private chains can be used by the huge corporations to securely store personal data of their clients


The blockchain technology provides the means to perform transactions in a distributed, fraud-proof and rapidly-operating environment. It can be helpful for multiple companies:
  • storing the private data (like healthcare and insurance),
  • dealing with digital assets or utility providers (fintech, energy industry),
  • doing lots of routine law-compliant work (customs),
  • performing lots of transactions daily (banks),
  • issuing and storing lots of orders (government institutions),
  • keeping the registries of ownership records (real estate) and more.


  • Due to the record immutability, the businesses have a guarantee of absolute security of their sensitive information, like the personal data of their customers.
  • Financial transactions are validated and processed quickly and at low cost, greatly cutting the operational expenses
  • Decentralized ledger ensures the integrity and transparency of the records, thus providing smooth and error-free compliance audit
ICO organization

We help register for an ICO, create a whitepaper describing your project idea and issue tokens to secure the investment.

PoC or MVP development

We help implement the blockchain technology to develop working Proofs of Concept or Minimum Viable Products.

Blockchain integration

We can integrate the blockchain to nearly any existing workflow to ensure low expenses, fast processing, data storage security and transparency.


We provide top-notch solutions that enable various e-government projects.

Logistics and distribution

We deliver platforms for tracking the excise goods deliveries using QR-codes.

Blockchain products

We offer full-scale blockchain-based product development.

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