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Ldesign Media

Ldesign Media is a reliable and professional web development company that offers you custom-made solutions.

Ldesign Media are strong in the following areas:

  • Excellent Service

We truly care about our clients and our products. You can be assured that you will receive the best support!

  • Web Development

Ldesign will help you with the entire process of your web development and provide you with the best possible advice.

  • Web Design

Besides the programming, we also create professional and user-friendly web designs.



HoeSchoe Holding

When your startup needs a boost!

We ‘re happy to help you find the resources you need to boost your startup company. With years of experience as entrepreneurs we can actively participate in daily business activities, or provide the support you need so you can leverage on our extensive network of expertise. Either way, we help you boost your company through the next growth stage.


Toweya is developing a new, innovative search engine that will help users find relevant information on the internet in a new way.


Cadence’s core vision is to create modern luxury watches that are affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that low price isn’t just a gimmick or a sales hook, but the best way to help more people live better lives. Our dream is to empower people to look and feel their best, by providing them with access to fashion and community, through a sustainable and environmentally conscious way of doing business.

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