Project description

One of IT Svit customers is a marketing and advertising agency in Seattle, US. They needed a full-scale team of developers to build them the frontend and back-end for a trip planning portal and a travel website, as well as delivering the cloud infrastructure for these projects.

Project requirements

IT Svit had to ensure the following:
  • The portal had to be able to interact with other travel industry tools through an API
  • The travel website had to allow the customers to provide feedback while remaining anonymous
  • IT Svit had to provide the marketing support, content creation and technical documentation for these websites

Project results

This project required the full cycle of software development and IT Svit delivered in full:
  • Full-stack development for both websites,
  • Cloud infrastructure design for their deployment,
  • Ongoing QA and improvement of the services.
  The products are currently in the stage of pre-release beta-testing and some investors expressed their interest in purchasing the platform.


“Their thoughtful approach and willingness to question norms enables them to deliver cost-effective custom solutions. What makes IT SVIT different is how nimble they are at creating solutions, seemingly out of nothing. They ask why things are done a certain way and look for better, cheaper, and more efficient ways to do them.”

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Product Overview

Client’s goals

The customer needed to create two websites — a travel website and a trip planning portal. The main requirements were to enable the customers to provide legitimate feedback and for the software to be able to interact with third-party apps via a clean API.
The tasks for IT Svit included as follows:

  • Writing the back-end for two websites using Python and Django
  • Writing the frontend part with AngularJs
  • Providing the cloud infrastructure to support the development and following functioning of these websites
  • Providing the QA and testing of the functionality

Implementation and the challenges resolved

One of the biggest challenges was that the project manager was in Seattle, US, and the team was in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This posed multiple inconveniences, including the different time zones. IT Svit has ample experience in remote project management, and due to our polished workflows we were able to provide the level of services that surpassed the customer’s demands.

  • IT Svit Team Lead has composed the team according to our internal guidelines on creation a team for a project
  • We have built a regular reporting process to keep the PM overseas up-to-date with the development progress
  • We developed a clean API to allow the platforms to interact with third-party modules
  • We provided the full cycle of infrastructure provisioning services, from delivering the testing environments and building CI/CD pipelines, to managing the ongoing maintenance of the websites

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