Project description

The project goal was building a CMS for a large sales firm. As the customer did not have the required experience or specialists in-house, they outsourced this task to us.

Project requirements

Laravel + Node.js web development is one of the areas of IT Svit expertise, so we were able to accomplish all the project requirements on time:
  • We had to build a user-friendly and intuitive interface for the CMS
  • CMS had to have all the basic functionality and the advanced features, built with Critical CSS
  • The backend had to be written using Laravel, the most popular PHP framework, to ensure the ease of updates and adjustments
  • IT Svit had to finish the project in under 6 months

Project results

Polished internal workflows and on-point communication allowed IT Svit to reach such results:
  • All the tasks were accomplished on time, within 6 months
  • The CMS works fast and allows adding new items to websites with very little effort.
This resulted in good numbers of sales of the product (more than 1,000 copies since 2016), and the customer had outsourced another year-long project to IT Svit.

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Product Overview

Client’s goals

INTEX-consulting is an IT Services provider from Volgograd, Russian Federation. They hired IT Svit to develop a CMS solution with Laravel and Node.js and wanted us to accomplish the following tasks:

  • UI/UX development and customization
  • Front-end functionality development using Critical CSS and Node.js
  • Backend functionality development using Laravel
  • Product testing and QA
  • Strict deadlines of 6 months

Project implementation and challenges resolved

While working on this project we had to adjust several standard Laravel functions and introduce various custom modules to provide the required functionality:

  • HTML-rendering with the DB templates using the dbview function. This allowed us to redefine the Laravel methods responsible for template discovery and configuration.
  • RabbitMQ message order controller that allowed us to manage the messages sent to RabbitMQ for better system stability and performance
  • Customized request validation, which ensured some additional json processing used in request handling
  • Critical CSS processing — a specific controller for generating dynamic pages using Critical CSS

IT Svit team was able to execute all the tasks in time and the customer was completely satisfied with our performance.

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