• Ukraine, Kharkiv

You're good at

  • 2+ years experience in DevOps and Linux system administration;
    Understanding of Infrastructure as Code, RBAC, IAM concept;
    Software Networking skills such as building custom Linux-based routers, firewalls, NAT Gateways;
    Bash and Python scripting skills;
    Experience configuring and provisioning dedicated hosts and VMs using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Terraform;
    Experience dockerizing PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, etc. applications;
    Experience building local development environments using - docker compose;
    Experience designing and deploying production environment using Kubernetes;
    Experience managing Kubernetes applications with Helm;
    Experience with AWS, GCP, DO and other public cloud providers;
    Experience integrating CI/CD solutions such as CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, GitlabCI into development pipelines;
    Experience setting up monitoring and log collection tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Sumologic, DataDog, New Relic;
    Ability to tackle problems at a scale both small and large, with a constant focus on optimization, high availability, and security as it relates to the CI/CD process;
    A drive to continually learn new technologies, tools, and methodologies, including those out of your comfort zone;
    Strong attention to detail, excellent analytical capabilities and a passion for building robust platforms for accelerating delivery to production;
    Intermediate English or above (experience of written and verbal communication with English-speaking clients).

You will

  • Have access to our accumulated team knowledge and expertise
    Work along with top DevOps experts and constantly expand your knowledge
    Improve your skills and get personal guidance from Tech Lead/CTO
    Be able to work with the latest modern tools and technologies on widely used products
    Acomplish several successful cloud migrations
    Succeed at personal milestones to achieve the next grade of your career here according to your personal development plan
    Develop and design several leading-edge cloud infrastructures

We offer

  • All the regular HR benefits including taxes compensation
    Flexible schedule with remote work
    Free English classes(including for kids)
    Open and fun working atmosphere without heavy bueracracy
    Comfortable office located in Kharkiv's Silicon valley (М. Бот. Сад)
    Regular company events with chill atmosphere and board games
    Game room to relax and play table tennis

    Join the team!

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