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Data Science For Insurance Companies: Beneficial Approaches

As we mentioned in the first article of this series [Data Science For Insurance Companies], Data Science brings some valuable benefits to different areas across insurance sector. Let’s describe these beneficial approaches in more details.

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Financial Risk Modeling

We’re happy to announce our important skills achievement – risk assessment. This article covers basics with a simple example and unveils some specific terms, like “Value at Risk”, which helps businesses answer common strategic questions, like “How much could I lose if…?” or “What is the worst scenario could be in a super bad month?” in order to prevent potential money losses.

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English Courses in IT Svit

Do you speak English? Suppose, if you work in IT you probably have no choice. Many companies in IT field work with foreign markets and customers, so English is the only language for connecting international co-workers and high English level is a must. However, have they ever had situations when a newcomer has all the necessary skills for a particular job, but his level of English is not quite brilliant? I bet they have. The only right solution here is not always obvious.

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IT Svit and Sports

As you all know (and it has never been a secret), IT has, probably, the greatest number of highly-paid jobs, but these jobs imply constant interaction with computers and this may be a problem. 

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Android Development

In the XXI century, mobile phones become an inseparable part of our everyday life – growth rates in this field are truly remarkable, so it’s hard to imagine a person that doesn’t have a smartphone. From the other hand, growing mobile audience means that there is an increase in number of people who want to develop their own applications to meet specific needs. And if we are talking about smartphones and mobile applications, the first things that comes to mind is Android. That’s why IT Svit is here.

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SLA in Outsourcing

Outsourcing for business is a perfect way for cost-cutting and delivering solutions to market faster. However, cooperation with an independent company (service provider) may encounter some tricky and not always explicit pitfalls, related to violation of previously defined standards and responsibilities. In order to protect their reputation from being tarnished and denote a strong care about quality of provided services, many companies are steadily going towards the stage of developing their own SLAs. So, why is it so important to have this document in place?

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What Do We Know About IT Outsourcing?

The term “outsourcing” implies transferring some business processes to any independent company that has appropriate qualifications and skills, but not directly involved in the client’s company business activity. In IT world, it means that a particular company can outsource some activities, while concentrating its efforts on other aspects of the software development process. This is, probably, the essential reason for small and some medium companies to choose outsourcing. In such a way, they achieve the desired results without any losses associated with delayed projects.

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